Gum/periodontal disease presents as gum recession, swelling and/or soreness,  and bleeding gums around the teeth. It is caused by plaque bacteria, a sticky film that accumulates around the teeth, This bacteria releases toxins which inflame the gums and dissolved the bones under the gum and around the teeth.  If left untreated this leads to tooth loss especially in Diabetics and smokers.

At Amazing Smiles Norwalk we have a specialist periodontist who treats all stages of periodontal disease.

We provide preventive routine cleaning/prophylaxis and treatment options including Scaling and Root planing, Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty, Periodontal grafting, and a personalized periodontal maintenance plan after treatment.

The American Heart Association has recognized periodontal disease as a known risk factor for Heart disease and strokes.Prevention, early detection and treatment are key to avoid multiple tooth loss.

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